Q. Are prints available?
A. I am a believer that prints can't express the same feeling as genuine artwork. I am paintings duplicates of the artwork you truly like in custom sizes for lower prices, but I don't do prints. I want art lovers to see structure, real gold and true colors on my art. 
Q. Are you using real gold?
A. Most of the paintings are made with 24K gold leaf, it has an unmistakable shimmer. Pure gold will resist corrosion and continue to look brilliant even when exposed to the elements. It will not oxidize or tarnish. It can last for decades. 
Q. how can I test it is 24K gold?
A. 24 K gold will not tarnish. You can purchase a testing kit to compare the reaction of the gold leafing when it comes into contact with an acid. 
Q. How many karats of gold are you using in your artwork?
A. I only use 24-karat gold which is the highest grade of gold. It is 99.9% pure gold and offers the most brilliant appearance. 
Q. Is this a non-profit organization?
A. Yes, Leaf of Hope Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, so donations and purchases are tax deductible. If a letter is required for tax purposes, please contact.