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"I am introducing my art to the world to share my emotions and my inner state. I truly believe that my art doesn't have any actual definition. It is not about me telling you about myself, it is about you connecting with what you truly love and what you see in the work. It is about you.
If you connect with my artwork, I hope you will make a space in your home for my paintings."
- Maryana K

Maryana K was born in Ukraine and currently lives outside of Boston, MA in the USA, making her artwork in her home studio. She is a self-taught painter, and her work is a way for her to express the hope, courage, connection and love she has for her home country and the people that continue to fight in the ongoing war. She hopes that her work will touch the viewer and show them that with hope and love, we can make the world more connected and peaceful.

Maryana's work often uses hand applied 24K gold leaf, making it very precious and beautifully luminous. In a very delicate and time consuming process, she often uses several hundred gold leaf sheets to produce just the right sheen and reflective quality. Her work is always signed, gallery-wrapped, ready to hang, and accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity, making it a perfect gift, while the proceeds from the sales of her work go to support the First Medical Union Emergency Hospital of Lviv, Ukraine.

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    "I truly believe that my art doesn't have any singular definition."

    - Maryana K